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Alia (18), Malaysia. A student of foundation in TESL, second semester. An amateur coder but still tries her best to code since she is so obsessed with blog design. As you can tell, she is an ARMY and her bias is Min Yoongi but the truth is she can't really pick a bias. She also likes to eat, listening to music and watch tv shows.






Pastel layout + BTS Daesang Award
11.20.2016 at 2:55:00 AM
Hello, everyone. It's currently 2:55 in the morning. Oh my god. RIP my sleep. How do you like my new look? It is very pastel-ish. I like it so much and it turns out as good as what I had in mind when I was re-editing this template. It took me days to finish it because I'm so slow. The theme is obvious lmao it's BTS x pastel because I love my boys and I need to dedicate my blog to them.  I added a new feature that the original layout didn't have. It's the hover thingy at my header. When you hover it, you will find my tagboard. That's cool lol. 

19/11/2016, BTS won Daesang Award for Album of the Year at Melon Music Awards. I am so proud of them. They have grown so big. I'm so proud. I wasn't there from the start but I was there when they were still rookies, I saw them growing. I was so shocked to see that they have such a big fanbase now. I'm sorry for leaving but I'm back and I promise I'll never do that again.

they're too precious for this world

And that certain fandom please stop being so salty that your fave didn't win this award. After all, BTS deserve this award because they worked hard for it. 


The end
9.30.2016 at 5:25:00 PM
It's not the end of the world..yet.

It's the end of the semester and yeah I'm still single. It's really not that hard to believe that I'm still single because I'm not physically attractive to exquisite, perfect human beings or any human beings in general. I couldn't deny the fact that I'm longing for a man affection towards me though. Well uhm I've been single since I came out from my mom's womb okay?? Sheesh, don't judge me. It only makes sense that I'm feeling this now because first, I'm 18(!!!) and second my teenage hormones are raging inside me.

Moving on, next week is our finals!! So uh wish me luck?? Bye.

now that i think about it i don't a boyfriend lmao who needs a boyfriend pls


Hello everyone
7.04.2016 at 10:48:00 PM
It has been a while since I've updated. Also you wouldn't know if I updated anything because I privated this blog. I wasn't busy and all that but the wifi at my university is so slow (bless the wifi at home). I planned on bringing my own broadband after raya.

I'm officially a university student for a month now. Well, uhm yeah. I thought I would get terrible homesick but I didn't actually feel anything. I think that's a good thing right?

Last but not least, happy eid mubarak to all muslims out there.


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